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MilliLab offers services in the fields of measurements, testing, characterisation, and design and development at millimetre wave and THz frequencies. Most of our measurement capabilities span from 30 GHz to 300 GHz, in addition to specialized measurement capabilities up to 2 THz. Our facilities are developed continuously.

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Measurement and Testing
MilliLab’s capabilities include scattering parameter measurements, noise figure measurement, noise parameter measurements, spectrum measurements, power measurements, power calibration, material measurements, reliability testing, etc. Most tests can be performed in a broad temperature range from 20 K up to approximately 420 K.

Design and Development
MilliLab has a long history in the design of millimeter wave components, circuits, and sub-systems. Our experience includes technologies such as, CMOS, SiGe, GaAs, InP and RF MEMS.

Characterisation and Modelling
MilliLab offers material characterisation and device characterisation services. Material characterisation can be done at a broad frequency range in a quasi-optical or waveguide environment, depending on the sample size and geometry. Our experience in device characterisation and modelling includes transistors, diodes, and passive devices as well as RF MEMS components.