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MilliLab and its parent organisations, VTT and Aalto University, have a substantial amount of experience in the field of microwave and millimetre wave antennas, components, and systems. The space related activities include ESA-projects

MetOp Second Generation Microwave Module Testing for 89 GHz MWS/MWI Radiometric Receivers (DA-Design, 2015- )
MetOp Second Generation Lot Acceptance Testing for Receiver Groups 6 to 9 (Radiometer Physik, 2015- )
Space Evaluation of Ultra Low Noise Process for Very High Frequency Applications (OMMIC, 2014- )
RF MEMS Switch Technology for Space Application: Phase 1: Benchmarking and selection (ESA, 2014- )
Validation and Experimental Verification of ESA MEMS Qualification (ESA, 2013- )
Preliminary Reliability Assessment of Millimeter-wave Detectors (ESA, 2013-)
Preliminary Reliability Assessment of Millimeter-Wave Low Noise Amplifiers (ESA, 2012-)
Reliability Assessment of Mixers and Multipliers for Microwave Imaging Radiometers (ESA, 2012-2015)
Low-noise amplifiers for 300 GHz (ESA, 2011-2014)
Calibration Loads for Radiometers (ESA, 2010-2013)
Micro and Millimetre Wave RF MEMS LTCC Modules (ESA, 2009-2015)
Characterisation of Schottky Diodes (ESA, 2009-2011)
Spectroscopic Terahertz Imaging Radar (ESA, 2009-2013)
LNAs for mm-Waves (ESA, 2008-2012)
Thermoplexer (ESA ITI, 2007-2008)
Cloud Radar Critical Microwave Technology (ESA, 2005-2006)
On-Wafer and Cryogenic Testing on a Packaged W-band LNA, W-band Chips and HEMT Devices (ESA, 2004-2006)
XEUS/Cryogenic Imaging Spectrometer (ESA TRP) (2002- 2006)
Micromechanical tuners for on-wafer noise measurements (ESA, 2002−2007)
Development of European 94 GHz MMIC LNA Modules for CPR (ESA, 2002-2006)
Sub-millimetre wave antenna testing using a hologram CATR (ESA, 1998−2003)
Investigation of new measurement techniques (ESA, 2001−2005)
Development work for a primary power measurement standard for D-band, second phase (ESA, 2000−2003)
Planck LFI 70 GHz Receiver Development
(ESA/Tekes, 1998-2009)
Hologram compact antenna test range for the tests of the Odin-satellite 1.1 m antenna at 119 GHz (Tekes, 1994−00)